3D Nozzle Micro Drill Bit Printer Accessories


.8mm .85mm .9mm .95mm 1.0mm CNC PCB FR-4 Drill Bits Modeling Trains Cars Boats

  • $10.95

Machinist Machining Quality Tiny Drill Bits For Toy Making Model Cars Trains Trucks Boats Miniature Modeling Jewelry making CNC Circuit board production Hobbies Woodworking Soft Metals Arts and Crafts Installation more...

For Miniatures, Modeling, Jewelry, Precision Carvings, Plastics, 3D printing.

Other Uses:

Hand cleaning the nozzle head to your 3D printer
Small scale miniatures
Dollhouse Miniatures
Modeling:  Cars, Trucks, Trains .....
Wire for jewelry
Drilling Instertion Holes
Piercing Saws or Fret Saws
Jewelry Making
Toy Making
Model Cars, Trains and Boats
Jewelry Making
Circuit Board Production
Many more.....

This sale is a 10 piece set.  Sizes are as follows:  All 3.175mm 1/8" Shank

(2 qty) .80mm  
(2 qty) .85mm
(2 qty) .90mm
(2 qty) .95mm
(2 qty) 1.0mm

Item Specifics
Brand daewon industries
Country/Region of Manufacture Japan
Model .8to 1.0
MPN Does Not Apply
Size .80mm to 1.0mm
Type Micro Drill Bits
UPC 700424793198

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