3D Nozzle Micro Drill Bit Printer Accessories


6pc .3mm .4mm .5mm (2 each) 3D Printer Clogged Extruder Nozzle Head Cleaner

  • $14.95

3D printer accessories kits bundle parts nozzles restore jammed clogged poor print quality solution ...

3D Printer .3mm .4mm .5mm (2 each) Extruder Nozzle Cleaner Extruder Head Cleaner 6pc

These Micro-drill bit Extruder Nozzle Cleaners are an essential item for any 3D printer owner. Every extruder nozzle must be cleaned out from time to time. These nozzles are very difficult to clean properly. These micro dtill bits are of the highest quality, made in Japan. They are the perfect tool for the job. By using these precision drill bits, you will extend the life of your nozzle and without a doubt, produce finer prints.

Item Specifics
Brand daewon industries
Model 345bits
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