3D Nozzle Micro Drill Bit Printer Accessories


.3mm .4mm .5mm 3D Printer Standard and Jhead Extruder Nozzle Clog KIT + Pin Vise

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Daewon Industries offering 3D printer accessories parts kits 1.75mm 3.0mm filament nozzle backed-up bundle 3D nozzles restore jammed clogged poor print quality solution

For Miniatures, Modeling, Jewelry, Precision Carvings, Plastics, 3D printing more ...


-4" Pin Vise
-2 Chuck
-Double Sided
-4 sizes: 1/8" and smaller

This multi-functional tool is perfect for countless jobs:

Hand cleaning the nozzle head to your 3D printer
Small scale miniatures
Dollhouse Miniatures
Modeling: Cars, Trucks, Trains .....
Wire for jewelry
Drilling Instertion Holes
Piercing Saws or Fret Saws
Jewelry Making

About the Pin-Vise:

Inserting bits or tools could not be more easy. Simply unscrew the two ends and remove the hidden chucks. Find the size you need for the job, re-assemble, insert your tool of choice and get to work.

**The versatility of this tool is another thing that sets it apart. If you have a bit or tool you need to insert and the size is not quite right, you can adjust the size of the chuck with a screw driver or even a butter knife to suit your needs.


**For multiple uses, including clearing nozzle clogs in most 3D printers

Quantity: (2 each)
Size: .3mm .4mm .5mm

Product Information

  • These micro drill bits are of the highest quality
  • Made in Japan

Many Other Uses:

They are great for making precision holes for those in the arts and crafts field or those who just dabble.For toy making, including toy trains and cars. They can be used for woodworking. Also for cleaning 3Dprinter nozzles.Oneverycommon use is for making jewelry. In addition to those uses, these bits are used by the largest companies in the world. They are the only bits that Samsung will use in their production of any circuit boards, whether it be for cell phones or computer chips.

Item Specifics
Brand daewon industries
Country/Region of Manufacture Japan
Model 345pin
MPN Does Not Apply
Type Cleaning Kit
UPC 700424793921

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