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3D Printer Ultimaker 2+UM2 Olsson Block Kit Interchangeable Nozzle 1.75mm filamt

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3D Printer Ultimaker 2+UM2 Extended + Olsson Block Kit For 3mm Filament E3D Olsson Block Hotend Interchangeable Nozzle

This Olsson Block hotend kit is improved for Ultimaker 2. The
nozzle and heat block are two seperate pieces. You can easily change the
nozzle size. Previously you had to change the entire block.

Filament size use:1.75mm

Nozzles: 1 each 0.25mm + 0.4mm + 0.6mm + 0.8mm

Nozzle Cleaners:2 each 0.25mm + 0.4mm
1 each 0.6mm + 0.8mm
Every print nozzle will clog from time to time. This can cause minor flaws in the print or completely shut down the printing process. There are two solutions when this happens. One, replace the nozzle and spend more money. Two, clear the nozzle and get back to printing high quality prints. This kit comes with two nozzle cleaners for each size nozzle.
We send two nozzle cleaners in case one breaks during the cleaning process. The bits are brittle by nature if side pressure is applied. If used correctly on a heated nozzle, the bits will slide in easily and pull out any clogs in the nozzle. The spiral of the bits helps to clear the nozzle on the way out. Repeat the process 2-3 times to make sure your nozzle is back to printing perfection.

Item Specifics
Brand daewon industries
Compatible Model For Ultimaker 2+
Country/Region of Manufacture China
Model Ultimakeriinozzbits
MPN Does Not Apply
Type Cleaning Kit
UPC Does Not Apply
To Fit 3d Printer

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