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10 sheets 3D Printer Accessory High Heat Kapton Tape Print Bed Cover Protection

  • $20.00

10.5" x 8" (275MM x 200MM) Heat Resistant Polymide Kapton Tape


1)10 sheetsQuantity Polymide Heat Resistant Kapton Tape Strips: Perfect for ABS (Lower Heat) and PLAfilament (Higher Heat)users.

  • 3D Printer Heat Tape Resistant High Temperature Polyimide Adhesive Tape

  • Measures: 8.25" x 8" (275MM x 200MM)
  • Easily applied with a any flat/straight object (ruler or id card of some sort)

Tape ApplicationGuide:

1. Wear latex, nitrile, or similar gloves during application to protect your skin from chemicals and to prevent fingerprints and grease from sticking between the tape and the build plate.
2. A squeegee or flat, semi-flexible card, like a credit card, is essential for applyingPolyimidetape well. If you are using a card, ensure the edges are not too sharp, or it may cut into thePolyimide tape.
3. Remove any currentPolyimide tapefilm or other film coating from your printer’s build plate, and then clean the platethoroughly to remove any adhesive residue and fingerprints.
4. Partially peel the plastic backing away from a new sheet ofPolyimidetapefilm.
5. Line up the exposed adhesive edge of thePolyimidetape film with one of the shorter edges of the build plate, leavingsome overlap up to the thickness of the build plate to later fold over the edges of the build plate
6.Using light pressure with a squeegee, press the first inch of thePolyimidetape film to the build plate
7. If there are any troubles with alignment or wrinkles, gently pull upthePolyimide tapefilm and reapply.
8. Once the first inch is applied correctly, use firm pressure with thesqueegee to fully adhere that section to the plate
9. If there is too much excess, it can be trimmed at this point, stillleaving some excess to fold over the edges, depending on thethickness of your build plate. Fold the remaining excess over the edges of the build plate sides, and use thesqueegee to firmly adhere.
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Compatible Brand Abs And Pla

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